Pooch Positive Dog Training

I can help you and your puppy or dog have an amazing bond and learn to be the best of friends through scientifically researched force free training.

I believe every dog has the potential to be amazing. By learning how to communicate with our dogs can we truly understand them and why they do the things they do. That’s why the positive training methods I use truly work and last a lifetime.

I train primarily in Richmond and  South Vancouver.

We always start training in your home until your dog fully knows what we are asking them to do, then we take it out into the real world as we want you and your dog to be successful.

Why choose Pooch Positive?

I was the first dog trainer in the city of Richmond to have gained the BC SPCA AnimalKind accreditation.
I train without fear, intimidation, stress and in a force free environment for your dog using scientifically researched methods.  I can teach you about canine body language so you will have the tools to really communicate with your dog in a wonderful way.
I feel it's important to show you how to train and then you take over and together we fine tune the method that is best suited for you and your dog or puppy.
Every dog is a beautiful individual and the training should meet those needs.