Recall Class (coming back when called) - $200.00

Loose Leash walking - $200.00

Both require an introductory zoom call and four mandatory classes.
I run these monthly at the BC SPCA Richmond Location.

Thank you for considering me to help with your dog.  

My classes are taught outside at the BCSPCA Richmond location.

Because we cannot guarantee the weather all of my classes are done for 2023 and will resume early 2024.  Please Check back in March 2024!


What to expect...

  • I do not allow prong collars or electric collars on dogs in the class.
  • Classes will be held regardless of the weather conditions so please come clothing prepared!
  • This class is suitable for most dogs over 4 months old.  However, if your dog gets too excited in their greeting or has been / is other dog reactive we may need to do some private sessions before the group class. Let's have a conversation about that first though.
  • I only have 4 dogs per class.  If you are a multi dog household please make sure each dog has a handler.  Each dog will be trained as an individual and because of that each dog will need the $200.00 class payment.
  • Once you have decided on what dates and which class you would like to attend please contact me and I will email you the intake forms.
  • A week before the start of the classes there will be a group zoom call with me where I discuss the sessions, some do's and don't and you will be given some fun homework to do! If you feel uncomfortable having a group call please let me know so I can accommodate that.
  • To every session you will need to bring some delicious treats or your dogs favourite toy, a 15ft or longer leash (not retractable) and some poop bags as well as a drink for your dog.
  • We will be playing lots of learning games so please wear comfortable suitable shoes you can easily move around in, the location is a secure field.
  • Payment of $200.00 for the classes will need to be made by e-transfer at least one day before the zoom call to secure your place.