Private Sessions

The amazing results I have are because we start training in your home.  This is because it is a low level distraction environment and your dog can really focus on the learning.  Once we are all happy your dog knows what is being asked of them we then take it out into the "real world".  We always want to set both you and your dog up for success in the happiest way possible.

Lets have a conversation...

You will hear me say "we" a lot as I think it is important that you and I train your dog together.  I will show you the technique and together we master it with your individual dog.

I can help with basic behaviours such as sit, stay, lie down to not pulling on leash, drop an item or leave it, give a paw for grooming, asking the dog to go to a specific place to allow guests to safely enter your home.  

To the more complex behaviours such as on-leash aggression, fears and happy vet or grooming visits for the scared dog.

If there is anything else or something more specific I have not mentioned , please feel free to reach out to me.

Private session information

  • First things first we will need to do a consultation. I will need to do an assessment on your dog to make sure I am the right trainer for you. 
  • If you are reaching out regarding puppy training, I do prefer puppies be older than 4 months.
  • Location: I mainly cover Richmond, other areas may incur additional travel costs. As I mentioned, training always starts in your home.  
  • A package of five 1 hour training sessions is $299.00

Consultation options

A consultation is required before you book the training package.

Zoom consultation, up to 40 minutes $75.00.  If you decide this is the best route for you I may ask for video evidence of the behaviour your dog is exhibiting.

Face to face consultation, up to one hour in your home $95.00

Everyone who is responsible for you dog must be present during the consultation.